You’ve Got To Have A Biz IT Plan Today

If you’ve been in business these last six months and you’ve got the receipts to prove them then it’s likely you’re doing a few things right. More than likely, you also have your own rudimentary structure. Some business-minded men and women like to call this your vital infrastructure, while others like to refer to it as a road map for future progress. Progress in terms of more dollars in the bank no doubt.

Great that you have a desktop printer and lightweight portable scanner attached to your movable laptop on that neat, clean desk of yours. Have you gone through your checklist? Can you honestly say that you have everything you need to help keep your business afloat up to the minute? And even if you’re only going to be listening to their words of wisdom and advice, can you honestly say that you’ll be one of those startup engineers that have no need for smart business it solutions.

business it solutions

Because this just happened. It was over the weekend, a customary time for work for most self-starting entrepreneurs and freeloading freelancers. Smart engineers have already factored in time off. And if they’ve got a family with kids then this is it. The weekend is their time off. Anyway, a freelancer emailed his client that he needed yet another day to complete his assignment.

Why was this? There was a localized power failure halfway across the world, together with a persistent bout of heavy rain. The IT solutions expert would have proposed right there and then a backup. As in a backup plan for when things don’t go according to plan, or a backup infrastructure in case the main hardware and software tools are extraneously affected in any way.