What is solution marketing?


Solution marketing for businesses is not only showing off a product, as most businesses do, but instead giving the solution to a specific problem that a customer might have. This type of marketing is often much harder than product marketing, but can also produce greater results.

The main difference between product marketing and solution marketing is this: Product marketing fixes only part of the problem and focuses on features, while solution marketing fixes the whole problem and looks at how the solution can help every part of the customer’s needs.

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Looking at an example

Let’s say someone injuries their arm and goes to a doctor. Now, this doctor has a new cast that is decided to heal the bone on its own. Then that’s that and the patient buys the cast- which would be a product market.

A solution market would be the patient buying the cast, but then still having to come in and get checkups, medication for pain, and the patient would be able to raise any other concerns until the arm is healed. That’s solution marketing.

The difference is, is that while the cast on its own could heal the arm, it did nothing for the patient’s pain, need for medication, or any other concerns. Product marketing is dedicated to focusing on one problem and might not be useful for any other effects caused by that problem.

Why does this matter?

The customers want to have a solution to the problems that plague their business, not just a product that can help one part of one problem. If the customer needs can be fulfilled and that can be the selling point rather than the features of the product, the marketing solutions will outsell the products every single time by teaching the customers to solve their own problems.