Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Travel To Monaco

Anyone who wants to experience a truly luxurious holiday vacation should strongly consider traveling to Monaco. It’s a very small principality and yet it offers a holiday like no other. Everywhere you look you will see high rollers driving around in their luxury cars and headed for the casino. Here are five reasons to travel to Monaco.

1. Drive A Supercar

If you’ve ever wanted to drive one of the ultra-luxury supercars you can do so in Monaco. For the starting cost of about 500 euro, which is less than $600 US, you can rent a Lamborghini or any other SuperCar for the day. Life is about experiences, so why not indulge yourself. It’s not at all uncommon for us to waste $500 on something and yet for that price we can achieve a dream and drive that sports car that we’ve always wanted to.

2. Live Large At The Casino

If this is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation for you, then why not go all out. Monica has one of the most gorgeous casinos on the planet. Inside you can take a chance and if you’re lucky you might just walk out a millionaire.

When you walk in you will be absolutely floored as you enter into the lap of luxury. You will feel as if you made it before you ever even begin to play. The glitz and the glamor are just beyond description. Inside you will find both European and American games and you can play for as little as 5 Euros which is about $5.70 US.

3. See The Wonders Of The Ocean

The Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium was built back in 1910 and sits atop a 280 ft cliff. Some enjoy looking at the building as much as they do going inside. Those they do venture inside will be able to see tigerfish, clownfish, reef fish, and many others. While you’re there you will be able to also look out at the panoramic views of all of Monaco.

4. Enjoy Europe’s Best Cuisine

This is your ultimate vacation in ultra luxury and it wouldn’t be complete without enjoying Europe’s best gourmet meals. The restaurants around town aren’t cheap but they are exquisite and this is your dream vacation, so splurge. Whether it’s a full-course meal, a glass of wine, or spectacular desserts, you’ll find what you’re looking for. The area boasts restaurants that will accommodate European and American taste.

5. Spectacular Sunrise Views

There are many places on the planet that have beautiful morning views but none as spectacular as those in Monaco. If you’re staying in a hotel resort such as the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel, you will notice incredible views over the Lagoon with colors and hues only seen in Monaco. Why not get into your luxury car, grab a glass of champagne and enjoy the scenery from your terrace. Afterward, you can take a swim in the Sandy Bottom Lagoon pool. If a day at the spa is what your yearning for then that’s available as well.